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PartnerCH is a powerful integrated Intellectual Property portfolio management platform developed by C&H IP LAW LIMITED, aiming to facilitate the IP protection process worldwide.
It combines the know-how of the intellectual property industries in more than 200 countries/jurisdictions based on our years of first-hand experiences, with the advice and business excellence required by large amount of domestic & international partners.
PartnerCH offers the following:
1. Quotation generator
2. Plan & control IP budget
3. Competitive & Accurate cost
4. Inclusive & Customized Service
5. Timely updated database
6. 220+ jurisdictions
Professional Attorneys
All described services are provided by professional attorneys who are specialized in intellectual property matters in order to ensure the quality of our IP services.
Personalized Communication
All communication with our clients is managed by our dedicated IP counsels. We assure that our clients will be satisfied by a very personalized service, which is of high efficiency and profession.
Case tracking
You can monitor the status of each case on the platform all by yourselves.
Quality of Service
High reputation is given by both our domestic and oversea clients / associates for providing services with the highest quality standards. With over 14 years of experience, we have provided services to over 50,000 clients all over the world.


Established in year 2004, C&H is an Int’l Intellectual Property law firm and one of the world’s leading IP service providers offering clients located worldwide trademark, patent, copyright protection. Equipped with professional attorneys and lawyers from diverse backgrounds as well as supporting IT department, C&H is committed to deliver high standard service in efficient manner.

C&H was set up in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.
C&H head office was set up in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China.
C&H ranked as top 13 for IP cases in Hong Kong.
C&H was set up in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.
C&H branch office was set up in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China.
C&H headquarter was established in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China.
C&H branch office was set up in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.
C&H branch office was set up in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China.
C&H patent and trade mark cases set a new record of 20000+.
C&H Patent Firm was set up with many experienced patent attorneys joined.
C&H Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was set up in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.
C&H branch office was set up in Zhengzhou, Henan, China.
C&H was awarded as excellent patent and trade mark agent in China.
C&H ranked as top 16 for trade mark cases in China.
C&H subordinate office was set up in US with patent and trade mark attorneys.
C&H ranked as top 13 for IP cases in Hong Kong.

“That all rivers converge and flow into the sea lies in the sea being lower than them.” — Lao-tzu (philosopher, founder of Taoism)

“Converge” represents broad-mind. Being courteous and humble is how we attract experts and talents for better protecting the intellectual property of our clients. True in word and resolute in deed” — Confucius (philosopher and educator)

Clients come first. The client’s goal is always ours.
“Honesty” is what we rely on to develop the work relationship with our clients.
This is How C&H comes from.
With a professional team of attorneys and lawyers in various fields like IP laws, chemistry, machinery, technology, biology, science and art, who have rich experience in legal and industrial affairs, C&H is committed to deliver excellent services efficiently to meet the needs of clients from more than 200 countries and areas and develop proper strategy for client’s business.
C&H has around 200 staff and more than 5000 international partners to work for global clients and associates. There are different teams at C&H to guarantee efficient service, good monitor and attention on each case and high expertise. We have team of patent attorney, trade mark attorney, IP lawyer, legal counsel, administration, accounting, as well as IT department offering technology support for this platform, database and cases tracking.
Sticking to the principle of CLIENTS FIRST, we attach great importance to clients’ needs and cases and thus received good reputation from around the world.
July,2015, C&H was awarded as excellent international IP protection agent.
Sept.2016, C&H was awarded as excellent patent and trade mark agent in China.
Sept.2017, C&H was awarded as excellent organizer of China Trade mark Festival.
C&H provides all kinds of intellectual property services including prosecution and litigation such like: administrative services related to the application, prosecution, resolution of objections, responding to oppositions, granting and post registration maintenance as well as high-end IP litigation, such as infringement, anti-counterfeit and unfair competition.
Partner Team
At C&H, our partners have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of intellectual property. You will find a team of professionals who are passionate and highly skilled. We help protect the fruits of creativity with effective solutions to meet diverse needs.

Partner Team

Mr. Zhang
Founder/Attorney at law
Since Mr. Zhang established C&H in 2004,he has always been committed to providing effective and efficient solutions of IP protection for clients. Mr. Zhang has more than 13 years of experience in all aspects of patent preparation, prosecution and licensing. Also, he has substantial relevant experience in trademark clearance, registration, licensing and enforcement.

Patent Engineer Team
Wang Zimo
Partner/Patent Attorney/President of C&H office in Wuxi

Practice area
Patent drafting and preparation; patent procurement; patent reexamination; patent invalidation; patent infringement and litigation

Professional Profile
Mr Wang, registered patent attorney in China, accumulates extensive experience in machinery and electronics.

Mr Wang, has started his career in IP protection since 2005. Now Mr. Wang heads C&H’s patent practice, assisting clients all aspects of the patent-acquisition process, including initial invention disclosures, evaluations of patentability, preparation, drafting, filing and prosecution of patent applications in the SIPO, and post-issuance procedures in the Patent Office such as maintenance and invalidation.

In addition, with deep background and research in law, Mr Wang also has actively supported patent litigation and strategic procurement of patents before the Patent Reexamination Board and courts. He has successfully handled quite a number of difficult patent invalidation and litigation cases.

Wan Chunlong
Patent Attorney

Practice area
Patent drafting and preparation; patent analysis and procurement; PCT National Phase Filings;Paris Convention Filings; Trade mark;

Professional Profile
Mr Wan, registered patent attorney in China Patent Office, began his career as an IP counsel where he was involved in all kinds of proceedings of patent prosecution and enforcement.

Mr Wan’s practice focuses on the field of computer science and telecommunication. Mr Wan can best understand client’s needs and give best and efficient solution on IP protection strategy. He actively participated in patent analysis, litigation and have been successful in assisting clients to get a variety of patents.

Gu Yiming
Patent Attorney

Practice area
Patent drafting and preparation; patent procurement; patent reexamination; Patent invalidation; counsel on strategy of patent protection

Professional Profile
Mr Gu joined in C&H in 2010. He has got over 15 years of experience in all aspects of patent drafting, preparation, prosecution, as well as developing intellectual property protection strategies for the clients. He has extensive experience with machinery, electronics, computer science, especially in drafting and reexamination, which has helped many clients to obtain valuable patents in China.

In addition to his work in prosecuting patent applications, Mr. Gu is also actively engaged in assisting clients in managing their patent portfolio, both domestically and internationally.

Wang Jianhua
Patent Attorney/Attorney at Law

Practice area
Patent drafting and preparation; patent analysis and procurement; PCT National Phase Filings; Paris Convention Filings; Patent litigation

Professional Profile
Mr Wang’s practice focuses on the field of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, science and chemistry, medical instruments. Mr Wang works with lots of foreign clients and partners, which help him get profound understanding of foreign enterprise operation and management by exposure to advanced foreign judicial ideas.

Prior to joining C&H, Mr. Wang was in private practice as a product manager in a large entity and had improved himself much in patent theory and practice research.

Shi Laijie
Patent and Trade mark Attorney

Practice area
Patent drafting and preparation; patent analysis and procurement; PCT National Phase Filings;Paris Convention Filings; Trade mark; Copyright; Domain names

Professional Profile
Mr Shi has been worked in C&H since 2011 and focuses his practice on the procurement and management of intellectual property, with an emphasis on the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in computer science, telecommunication, hardware and software.

Mr Shi has also assisted clients with the filing of international patent applications via the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), and assisted with client coordination of foreign patent counsel as required.

In addition, he is also experienced with obtaining trademark protection, infringement and validity analysis, trademark licensing and litigation support relating to patent matters.

Feng Ye
Patent attorney

Practice area
Machinery, Communication and Patent infringement analysis

Professional experience
Actively involved in IP in China region for more than eight years.

Before joining C&H, Feng Ye has worked as a patent engineer for a project company for more than 3 years, assisting the project to declare and mining patents related to the main products, counseling to submit submissions, writing patents and reviewing opinions for replies, etc. She joined in C&H in 2012, acting as a Patent Engineer, assisting in reviewing and improving specification, submitting patent applications, OA reviews and other types of patent work. She has handled numerous patent and design application work for clients into China.

Patent Attorney

Practice area
Patent prosecution; Patent infringement analysis; specialized in Chemistry & biology fields.

Ms. Shi has worked as a patent attorney since her graduation. Her education background and years’ experience in patent drafting & preparation, response of patent examination reports and patent infringement analysis make her a professional and excellent attorney in organic Chemistry, Polymer Materials, Applied Chemistry, Biomedicine areas and won her trust of many clients.

Wo Zhaoxin
Patent Attorney

Practice area
Mr. Wo ever worked in a large-scale solar photovoltaic cell factory in Wuxi, engaging in photovoltaic technology work and accumulated rich experience in semiconductor technology. He has been dealing with patent prosecution including answering against office action, Patent Reexamination, patent litigation since joining the C&H.

Focused area
Electronic, Semiconductor Technology, Machinery Manufacturing, Chemical and etc.

Ge Lihua
Patent Engineer

Practice area
Patent drafting, preparation, filing, analysis and enforcement; Patent litigation and court affairs.

Professional Profile
Prior to joining C&H, Ms. Ge worked for a large electronic firm in Xiamen city in China. She worked as QC Engineer, R & D Engineer and Patent Engineer during the presence there. She has gained many years of experience in the electronics industry and is familiar with all aspects of R & D, production and sales of electronic products. She also successfully helped the company obtained a number of patents rights.

After joining C&H, she is mainly engaged in the patent application, drafting, translation and litigation in electrical and mechanical fields, especially in electronic information, semiconductors and optics, for both domestic and foreign applicants.

C & H owns an excellent and well-organized team with 160 staffs including professional patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys, lawyers and IT engineers. Most of our staff have diverse backgrounds and worked in various departments, firms, and government departments before that adds a new dimension to the depth of expertise available.
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