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What is Trademark?
Trademarks protect words, names, symbols, sounds, or colors that distinguish goods and services from those manufactured or sold by others and to indicate the source of the goods. Trademarks, unlike patents, can be renewed forever as long as they are being used in commerce.
Do I need to hire a lawyer or agent?
If you are ready to apply for a new trademark, we strongly recommend to contact an attorney who is experienced in trademark prosecution. An attorney who has better understanding of IP Law may prosecute your application for trademark registration.C&H attorneys are here for you with high expertise.
Is there such a thing as an international trademark?
No. But you can obtain trademark protection in a number of countries by filing a single "international application" under the Madrid Protocol.
Who may file an application?
Only the owner of the trademark may file an application for registration. The owner controls the use of the mark, and controls the nature and quality of the goods to which it is affixed, or the services for which it is used. The owner may be an individual, corporation, other types.
How much does it cost to apply for a trademark?
The two main costs involved in a trademark application would be the official filing fees and your agent's fees (if you engage one). The total cost varies from case to case depending on the approach you take and the complexity of the case.C&H offer the most competitive fees with efficient service.